Monday, September 21, 2009

Class response

Sanatana Dharma is the ancient religion of the Hindus. Vedas is their ancient sacred book. Kharma is one of their ancient beliefs that if you do something bad in life you will have to pay for it. Their main goal is a clean escape from the karma-run wheel of birth, death or rebirth.

MrMac: Hinduism Assignments

Discuss the following terms:
-Sanatana Dharma
-Vedic Age
-The four parts of the vedas (use English descriptions not Hindu words)
-discuss reincarnation in Hindu thought
-What is the ultimate goal of Hindu (for example the ultimate goal of a Jew, Christian, or Moslem is Heaven).

Monday, September 7, 2009

antonio's Answer

2. How should global religions relate to indigenous sacred ways?

I think that everyone should worry about their own religion. if one new religion sect does not prosper, i think they should not worry about it too much. some religions have lasted thousand of years and some have prospered and others have not.  if a religion is about to end, or fail, i think you should move on, and join another religion if you feel you should do it.

Wale, Luisa, and Elisa......September 7, 2009

Should and can indigenous sacred ways be reconciled with modern industrial/commercial pressures? if not, why?if so so what should be required on each side?

There are two ways we could take this. The good reason and the bad reason to changing. The good reason is that these people would stop living in poverty. These would help issues such as malnutrition, and sicknesses, and better literacy rate. These people will quality of life. 

The bad thing is that religion, and tradition will change a lot. diversity is something that is good to have. and without diversity it becomes boring, and no one would be able to discuss different thing. 
We believe that indigenous people should learn to live in the new world and continue their tradition. this way anything will be possible and nothing needs to be drastically changed.